Whether outdoor space is limited or it’s raining cats and dogs, Pisgah Explorers Club has a team of dynamic educators trained to create a hands-on learning environment indoors and out.

We have the ability to implement on-site programs that take place indoors while still enjoying aspects of the natural world. Learning indoors doesn’t have to feel like school! Our dedicated and highly trained staff are well equipped with games and activities to keep participants engaged and learning inside. Learning about the environment indoors is critical to make connections between the natural world and our day to day lives.

Environmental and Outdoor Activities Include:

  • Creating nature journals
  • Live animal presentations
  • Making crafts from recycled materials
  • Learning about animals with skins and skulls
  • Learning about plants with hands-on games and crafts
  • Map and compass introduction
  • Citizen science research and data collection
  • Dissecting owl pellets
  • Much more!